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Valves and safety unit - Sunoptimo

Valves and safety unit

Safety devices for solar tanks

Every solar hot water system must have a number of safety devices.

Safety valves and safety groups are essential to prevent overpressure in the hot water system. As their role is important, particular emphasis has been placed on their robustness and reliability. The range of safety equipment is very wide so as to be able to meet this demand.

 Safety valve

  • Valve for solar, heating or hot water circuits
  • Various calibration options 3 bar, 6 bar & 7bar
  • 3/4" connection diameter
  • Also available with pressure gauge from 0 to 10 bar
  • Larger cross-sections available on request

Safety valve



Heating safety valve, 3bars, 3/4"FF with manometer


Solar safety valve, 6bars, 1/2"F network-3/4"F discharge


Hygienic safety valve, 8 bar, 3/4"F network - 1"F discharge


Hygienic safety valve, 1/2"F network - 3/4"F discharge


Heating safety valve, 3 bar, 3/4"F network- 1"F discharge



Safety unit

  • Safety group for domestic hot water
  • 7 bar valve with 3/4" shut-off valve
  • Delivered with its plastic syphon
  • Approved by Belgaqua
  • Connection diameter 3/4

Safety unit



Sanitary safety unit with siphon (Belgaqua - NF)