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Specialist in large scale solar thermal drainback installations

Sunoptimo's focus is above all the collective solar thermal  market, then the market for combined systems and by extension, the individual market. It is in the large installation segment that the technologies offered by Sunoptimo bring the most benefits and encounter the least competition. It is also a market that requires the real expertise that Sunoptimo can offer. Products Sunoptimo offers to individuals are derived from the collective range.

Since 2015, Sunoptimo has decided to propose this technology in another way: The Opticube. The Opticube is a complete all in one solar thermal kit whose complexity is entirely pre-mounted and integrated in a 20 foot sea container. This system is easy and quick to set up, and bring up to 40% cost reduction compared to a classic solar thermal installation. The final MWh cost will be under 20 €, wich makes this technology the cheapest on the market.

All the solar systems offered by Sunoptimo operate according to the original Drainback principle which has numerous advantages when compared to a conventional "pressurized" system.

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