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The Opticube is a solar thermal system that works according to the Drainback principle. This concept allows to avoid overheating of the system when it stops.

Without Opticube

The fluid who has to be warmed up (most of the time, it's water), is cold when it arrives in the boiler room, and becomes hot after having consumed a combustible.

The problem is that in most cases, fossil fluids are used to heat up this fluid, which produces gas emissions and thus contributes to the global warming

Opticube integration

Simply by setting up a double plumbing on the cold fluid entrance, the fluid is warmed up by the Opticube before entering into the boiler room.

As a result, the boiler room won't need to consume combustible, or at least will consume less of it. It depends on the desired temperature, the solar surface and the sun radiation.

This system will generate less as emmissions and also savings for the equiped entity.

Got a solar thermal project in mind?