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1. The container

Available in four versions, it contains the solar hydraulic components.

The following items are pre-manufactured (mounted and connected): 

  • 20 feet container (new or second-hand)
  • 1500 liters, 3000 liters, 6000 liters or 9000 liters water storage (energy storage)
  • Optiflow solar station, working according to the drainback technology concept, which provides a security against overheating and a long term stability.
  • Drainback tank, specifically designed for the Opticube, allowing the  solar collectors to empty each time the installation stops
  • A strong insulation of the container and the tanks, for an efficient heat production and an optimal efficiency
  • An Optiaqua station for the transfer of the solar energy storage to the heat network going to the main boiler room
  • Mounting of the plumbing, pre-filling of the solar fluid into the drainback tank and cabling to the controler
  • Connections ready to be plugged in to the using circuit

2. The structure

The modularity of the Opticube is large thanks to its structures that can support from 30 to 300 m² of Optisun 245 V, combined  with only one container.

The external structure contains the following elements : 

  • Galvanized steel structures, which are regularly placed every 2,5 m.  It guarantees the ideal support of the collectors, placed by 3 ou 4 rows of vertical collectors.
  • Aluminium rails with high resistance, supporting the collectors with their fixings in stainless steel.
  • The structure has been created and tested to cope with massive gusts of wind.
  • 10 years warranty on the structure

3. The collectors

  • The Optisun 245 collectors guarantee high performances all year long, no matter the season. 
  • The interconnections and the plumbing are designed to be put easily together, so that the collectors can be linked to the boiler room in no time and without specific skill.
  • Instruction manual for a quick and efficient mounting.  The mounting can be made by the technical department of the industry, a mechanic, a technical person or a multipurpose worker...
  • 10 years warranty on the collectors

It is possible to set up a 100m² Opticube in only one day !