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Drainback as basic concept

Solar thermal is our core business. Sunoptimo considers this technology as the "noblest one", in comparsion with other renewable energies. Solar energy is free, unlimited and the performance of a solar installation is particularly high. In solar thermal, there are two approaches: the drainback (self-draining) and classic pressurized systems. From its very beginning, Sunoptimo trusts the drainback principle and relies on it for its Optimum Sizing.

The market expertise

Whatever the market a company is present on, a perfect knowledge of it is required. On this point, Sunoptimo capitalizes on its 30 years of cumulated experience in the solar thermal domain. The mastering of a market allows you to build up an offer which fulfills customers needs, but also to be aware of different competitors actions and  market orientation. Knowing the field makes you run faster!

Technical mastering, innovative spirit, market expertise and its ability to adapt are the key features of our company.

Technical mastering and ability to adapt

Every manufacturer must mastering each technical aspects of the technonoly that he decides to use. Being technically irreproachable gives you two advantages. First, it is the insurance that the the commercialized products are qualitatively outstanding. And also, it allows you to cope with each project, no matter its size or constraints, given that every technical parameters are controled from top to bottom. At Sunoptimo, this is a notion that we have integrated for a long time.

Innovation serving solar thermal

At Sunoptimo, taking the easy route is not an option. Out watchword: innovation. An innovative spirit brings freshness and added value to your work. By innovating, you decide to move on. This way of thinking leads to the creation of the Opticube, whose goal is to remove the barriers to solar thermal development.