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The OpticubeTM challenge


All in one solar thermal kit

The Opticube is an easy and large « all-in-one » solar thermal kit, removing the barriers to solar thermal industry development. All the technical complexity has been considered and integrated in a 20 feet container.

The hydraulic part is entirely pre-assembled: what remains to be done on site is the mounting of the metallic structure and the collectors, which can be handled quickly and easily by anyone.

Such as a well known Swedish furniture, you just have to follow the guidebook!

This system brings up to 40% total cost reduction in relation to a classic solar thermal installation, resulting in a 100% green energy, lower than 20€/MWh.

Save the planet, save your money! 

Only one day needed for a 100m² Opticube set-up

For who

This product mainly addresses to heavy hot water users (domestic or not).
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  • All in one containerized kit
  • Easy mounting, quick and efficient, within everyone's reach
  • Easy to connect to the existing heating room
  • Optimized collector surface thanks to the Optimum Sizing
  • High performance collectors for higher efficiency

A complet solar thermal kit

The container

A crane truck lays down the container on the concrete. The pipes from the boiler room are linked to the container through a trap door.

The structure

Primary structure is mounted, and aluminium rails are then fixed on it.


The collectors are set on the aluminium rails, are linked together and connected to the pre-mounted primary circuit connections.