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The right Opticube, for the right project.

A clear advantage of this system is its modularity. The Opticube is available in several versions, allowing it to be easily integrated into any project, bypassing any constraints.

Up to 300 m² per container

Each project requires more or less solar collectors depending on the user's needs. The solar field consists of a minimum of 12 collectors (30 m²), and a maximum of 120 collectors (300 m²) per Opticube. Of course, it is possible to multiply the Opticube containers in order to extend the solar field to infinity. The collectors can be arranged in 3 or 4 rows, or in a sunshade in order to conserve a maximum of ground space (in the case of a car parking lot for example).

3 collectors rows
4 collectors rows
Sunshade version





In addition to the reinforced insulation of the container, an electric convector is activated in case of risk of freezing. A recirculation pump (coupled with an electric resistance) is activated to ensure that the pipes are frost-free.

Hydraulic backup

The final technical water tank is maintained at temperature by means of an immersed coil. The back-up energy source can be a gas, oil, wood, pellet boiler or even a heat pump. The water is preheated by the solar system and if there is a lack of energy, the boiler is switched on.

Electric backup

Two immersed electric resistors keep a tank of technical water at temperature. The water is preheated by the solar system and, if there is a lack of energy, the electric resistors are switched on. In this case there is no need for a back-up tank.

Hydroelectric backup

As the name suggests, this option is a combination of the electric and hydraulic back-up options presented above.

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