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Perfect for heavy heat consumers

The Opticube is a revolutionary concept in the solar thermal industry . Its quick and easy mounting can be made by anyone able to follow a handbook and to screw bolts, which makes it accessible to a high number of person, and moreover everywhere over the world.

This product is particularly designed for those who heavily consume hot water (hygienic or not). That criteria includes a lot of sectors as :

  • The industry sector (laundries, agro-foodstuff industries, chemical industries, cleaning services, etc.)
  • Breeding farms
  • Hotels
  • Collective housing (apartments buildings, hospitals, prisons, boarding schools, ...)
  • Collective kitchens
  • Sport clubs
  • Private or public pools
  • Holiday centers and Campings
  • ...

Wherever it is set up, the Opticube allows to reduce the use of fossil energies, and generate savings.

In addition to these applications, we have developed the Opticube concept in a different direction, to provide a solution for higher consumption levels. This system, which we have named Opticube Field, has been specially created to simplify the design and installation of solar heating systems used in large solar fields (up to 30,000m²). Such collectors areas are needed in district heating networks or very large industrial sites.


In Merville (Northern France), an industry has decided to install four Opticube systems. With tank washing as speciality, this company now uses the sun to produce a part of the hot water needed for its process.


This Belgian-based industrial caterer uses large amounts of hot water in its daily operations. Set up in one day, this 100m² Opticube makes it possible to reduce the cost of this important item


In the Lot (Southern France), a calf farmer has chosen to integrate solar heat into his energy mix. Built in just one day, this 60m² Opticube has been supplying heat to the farm since 2017.

Collective housings

Since 2015, a centre for autistic adults near Liege (Belgium) has been equipped with this 75m² Opticube, using the sun to partly produce the showers hot water.

District heating

The Opticube Field is specifically designed to simplify the design and installation of the solar heating room used in large solar fields, such as the Ettenheim heating network in Germany.
For a broader overview of the fields of application of our products, see our references page

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