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Solar antifreeze

In frosty weather, the temperature of the solar fluid can drop below 0°C. The solar antifreeze option prevents the solar fluid from reaching the solidification point.

Secondary antifreeze

A double bypass with valves reverses the flow and circulates the circuit in the opposite direction. This provides a sufficient source of heat to heat the solar fluid in case of persistent frost. This option is complementary to the solar antifreeze option.p>


This option adds a connection to stratify the storage volume according to its own temperature and the flow temperature of the exchanger.


The Delivery option adds a pumping unit that will be connected to a district heating network or other process depending on the application. The aim is to deliver the heat produced to a consumer. This option can be placed in the basic container up to DN200. Beyond that, it will be installed in an additional container.


"Liquid" philosophy

"Steam" philosophy


Different Opticube Fields are available in different options and sizes, but an important point is how to handle the expansion. For example, as the collector field heats up, the solar liquid expands and the system pressure tends to increase and is absorbed by the expansion vessels. When the liquid overheats, it vaporises, which suddenly creates an increase in volume and therefore also in pressure in the closed system. There are two ways of dealing with this excess pressure.

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