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The genesis

The beautiful Sunoptimo story starts in 2011. The company launches its activities in Assesse, and quickly stamps its own imprint on the large scale solar thermal market. Many Sunoptimo systems are installed in Belgium, in France and in Switserland. The mastering of drainback, its innovative spirit and its sector expertise are key advantages. Main Sunoptimo product users are great hot water consummers (hygienic water or not), such as hotels, resthouses, industries, swimming pools or sport facilities.

The Opticube: a major shift

Considering the solar thermal potential, but also the existing barriers to its development (cost, complexity, few actors, low presence on the market), Sunoptimo came to one obvious conclusion: something had to change, in order to allows the true development of this technology. The idea of an all pre-mounted solar thermal kit flourished and became a reality. In 2015, the Opticube was born.

Sunoptimo's headquarters are now based in Naninne, alongside the Chaussée de Marche. In the crossroads of Europe, near from its French, Dutch and German neighbors, it's the ideal place to export the Sunoptimo concept and products out of the borders of our small country.

In December 2011: company foundations are completed and 23 new shareholders enter the capital Sunoptimo.

Meanwhile, the business began and the first sales are there. Each working in his task to develop the range of products and increase the customer list.

Spring 2012: the first references are put into service and deliver their first kWh.

2013: With the establishment of remote monitoring of solar installations, Sunoptimo products and  process  convince many new references.

December 2013: To support its growth , a second fundraising is organized . Most of the investors support this capital reinforcement , as well as 2 newcomers.

Early 2015: Sunoptimo decides to develop a new way to prpopose large scale solar thermal, troughout a complete pre-mounted kit: the Opticube.

Décembre 2015: The first Opticube is set up neat Huy, and supplies domestic hot water to a housing for adult autists.

Juillet 2016: Following its growth, the comany decides to move and continue its activities in Naninne

Septembre 2016: The second Opticube is set up in Ciney, near our head office. This system has been assembled in onmy one day at 6 people

2017: The Sunoptimo international presence grows up, with participation to several trade fairs in Munich, Paris and Abu Dhabi.

2018: Still in the context of this desire for internationalization, Sunoptimo confirms large solar thermal projects in Africa and France. Several partnerships are concluded as well, with companies in Morocca, Kazakhstan and DRC.

End of 2018: Sunoptimo puts into service the Opticube of Merville, which equipped the Lys Services company. It is the largest Opticube system ever installed (more than 1000 m²).

10 years of existence

On 14th July 2021, Sunoptimo has celebrated its 10th birthday!