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Optisun 245 V - Sunoptimo

Optisun 245 V

High performance vertical solar thermal collector for drainback system

Data sheet

Optisun™ collectors are specially designed for gravity drained thermal solar installations. Their design optimizes costs and labour on-site, thus also reducing the total cost of the solar installation.

Optisun™ collectors' internal manifolds mean fast connection of all the collectors in series. Using the Opticonnect™ system, a series of twenty collectors can be connected in a single self-balanced row via a piping system based on the Tichelmann principle. The 3 sections of our Optifix™ range (Flat Roof, On Roof and In Roof) contains a large number of fixings designed for pitched roofs as well as flat roofs.

Optisun 245 V



Optisun 245 V - Flat plate collector portrait/vertical




  • Solar Keymark certification
  • 10 year warranty
  • Optimised for drainback installations
  • High performance selective vacuum coating
  • Aluminium frame with side (20mm) and rear (60mm) insulation
  • Integrated collector for connecting up to 20 Optisun™ collectors in one field
  • Fast and reliable hydraulic connection through optimised fittings
  • Vertical orientation (portrait)

Solar Keymark certification

The Solar Keymark is a certificate for solar collectors and systems. It is a clear sign of quality for the consumer. The consumer has proof that Sunoptimo collectors comply with the European standard and that they have been inspected by an independent organization.