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An adaptable solar thermal kit

Options are available in order to perfectly fit each project:

Antifreeze option

In addition to the reinforced insulation of the container, an electric convector is activated if there is any risk of freezing. A recirculation pump (coupled to an electrical resistor) is activated to avoid the freezing of the pipes.

Electric auxiliary option 

Two immersed electric resistors hold a technical water tank at temperature. The water is preheated by the solar system and, if there is a lack of solar energy, the electrical resistances are switched on. In this case there is no need for a back-up storage tank.

Hydraulic auxiliary option

The last technical water tank is kept warm thanks to an immersed coil. The auxiliary energy source can be a gas boiler, oil, wood, pellet or even a heating pump. The water is preheated by the solar system and, if there is a lack of solar energy, the boiler switches on by itself.

Hydro-electric auxiliary option

This option is a mix of the electric backup and hydraulic power supply options.

The Opticube range is wide and allows to answer each demand with an optimal solar surface. The range includes surfaces from 30 to 300 m². By addind Opticubes in paralel, it becomes the perfect solution for solar thermal market from 30 to 3.000 m².

Version with 3 collectors high
Version with 4 collectors high
Version with 3 collectors high + parking
Number of collectorsSurface in m²20°35°Container type
L x P x H
L x 6,7 x 4
L x P x H
L x 8,95 x 4,85
L x P x H
L x 6,7 x 4,8
L x P x H
L x 5,85 x 4,75
L x P x H
L x 7,85 x 6,1
L x P x H
L x 5,85 x 6,45
1639 L=6,1  L=6,1 A
1844L=7,7 L=7,7L=7,7 L=7,7
2049 L=6,5  L=6,5 
2151L=8,9 L=8,9L=8,9 L=8,9B
2766L=11,3 L=11,3L=11,3 L=11,3
2868 L=8,9  L=8,9 
3073L=12,5 L=12,5L=12,5 L=12,5
3278 L=10,1  L=10,1 
3381L=13,7 L=13,7L=13,7 L=13,7
3995L=16,1 L=16,1L=16,1 L=16,1
4098 L=12,5  L=12,5 
42102L=17,3 L=17,3L=17,3 L=17,3C
44107 L=13,7  L=13,7 
45110L=18,4 L=18,4L=18,4 L=18,4
52127 L=16,1  L=16,1 
54132L=22,5 L=22,5L=22,5 L=22,5
56137 L=17,3  L=17,3 
64156 L=20,1  L=20,1 
66161L=27,3 L=27,3L=27,3 L=27,3
78190L=32,1 L=32,1L=32,1 L=32,1D
80195 L=24,9  L=24,9 
84205L=34,5 L=34,5L=34,5 L=34,5
88215 L=27,3  L=27,3 
90220L=36,9 L=36,9L=36,9 L=36,9
96234 L=29,7  L=29,7 
104254 L=32,1  L=32,1 
112273 L=34,5  L=34,5 
120293 L=36,9  L=36,9 

Of course, you may have more specific needs, so that the standard Opticube is not able to fulfill them. Don't be worried about that! We also manufacture customized Opticube, in order to adapt to each project, even the most complicated and constraining ones.

Discover the customized Opticube

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