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Standard Opticube - Sunoptimo

Standard Opticube

The Opticube is a central product of the wide Sunoptimo range.

Discover standard Opticube

This new concept has all the characteristics of our company, since it is in line with our products designed with drainback technology, but also because it is the result of Sunoptimo's constant search for innovation.

The Opticube concept is fairly easy to understand.  It is a maritime container on which a metallic structure, which is able to carry 30 to 300 m² of solar thermal collectors, is fixed. They can be connected in parallel to produce a maximum of solar heat allowing the Opticube being considered the ideal solution for the 30 m² to 3000 m² solar thermal market.  Inside the container, the "pre-mounted" solar thermal heating system makes the Opticube setup really quick (a question of days), no mater the site.

Discover the Opticube Field, our turnkey station designed for large scale solar projects