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Optismart Pro - Sunoptimo

Optismart Pro

Available in two versions: Pro 2 and Pro 4

  • Optismart™ simple and ergonomic solar control
  • Screen with hydraulic diagram
  • Energy metering option with an integrated energy meter
  • Control suitable for the drainback system
  • Many pre-programmed settings.
  • Zone restricted to installers locked with the use of a code.
  • Management of 3-way valve for control of supplementary heating, management of swimming pool heating, etc.

Optismart Pro



Optismart Pro 4.1103037
Optismart Pro 2.1103038



  • Easy to use
  • Not bulky
  • Very complete
  • Studied ergonmy
  • Commissioning assistance
  • Different statistic functions
  • Management of many energy sources