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The OpticubeTM challenge


Opticube Field: the basics

The Opticube Field is specially designed to simplify the conception and installation of the heating room used in large collector fields. Indeed, gathering all functional units in one or more turnkey storage containers simplifies project management from the quotation to commissioning.

Sunoptimo has therefore create a range of standard solution in different sizes: from DN80 to DN250. Various options are also available so that the customer can keep a high degree of modularity on the selected Opticube Field.

The Opticube Field concept starts around a 40 foot double door container (one on each side). It is then modified and equipped in the workshop to meet the needs of the customer. This way, the container is transformed into a real heating room. 

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For who

This product mainly addresses to heavy hot water users (domestic or not).
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A complet solar thermal kit

The container

A crane truck lays down the container on the concrete. The pipes from the boiler room are linked to the container through a trap door.