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We did it ! The first Opticube created by Sunoptimo was installed and commissioned  three days ago. The production of solar heat created is used for domestic hot water of a center for autistic adults located in Belgium.

The Opticube consists of 30 collectors (80 m²) coupled to 3000 liters of storage and is sized to provide a little over 60% of the DHW need of the center. Speaking in terms of mounting labor time, it took 3 days to 3 people for mounting the entire installation. It is less than half time a solar heating system of the same size which would have been made in a conventional way on the roof.

Note also that the Opticube fixes, for the next 20 years at least, the price of solar MWh around 13.23 € / MWh instead of 60 € / MWh today. Great Savings in perspective that guarantee a payback of 3.5 years. Thanks to the monitoring necessary for such projects, Sunoptimo is able to watch over the facility everyday.

According the many demands and widespread enthusiasm created by this product including outside the borders of Europe, we expect that this Opticube is the first of a long series.