Full large solar thermal kit

Ready to heat

Easy mounting system




The Opticube is a large, easy to setup and complete solar thermal kit. (Printable brochure)

Cost of a solar thermal installation= solar components + installation cost.


  • Installing solar thermal collectors on roofs require highly skilled and often expensive man resources.
  • Assembling the different elements of a solar installation in the boiler room requires skilled solar technicians.
  • An intrusive solar installation also generates extra costs, which are linked to different studies (about the stability, and the installation in itself).
The Opticube consists of:
  • a pre-mounted solar container with 2 "ready to connect" connections for the solar circuit and 2 "ready to connect" connections for the solar energy using circuit 
  • the structures
  • the collectors
The mounting is very easy for anybody able to read a clear and detailed guidebook.

The total cost of the installation can strongly decline, without affecting the quality and the performance of the solar installation.


Mounting 9 collectors in less than 9 seconds..... :-)