Who are we?

Specialists in large solar thermal systems

Sunoptimo's focus is above all the collective solar thermal  market, then the market for combined systems and by extension, the individual market. It is in the large installation segment that the technologies offered by Sunoptimo bring the most benefits and encounter the least competition. It is also a market that requires the real expertise that Sunoptimo can offer. Products Sunoptimo offers to individuals are derived from the collective range.

All the solar systems offered by Sunoptimo operate according to the original Drainback principle which has numerous advantages when compared to a conventional "pressurized" system.

Three co-founders, experts in this market

Sunoptimo's three complementary founders know and appreciate each other. Each of them, through their personal and professional career, have acquired long combined experience of over 20 years in the solar thermal field. This experience has not only helped them to identify the different markets, the errors to avoid, the appropriate technologies for these markets, the sales process and the key participants, but also to develop a totally innovative concept in this market, based on "Optimum™ Sizing".

Bertrand Fontaine, with two university degrees, including a masters in business management, has acquired long experience of management (15 years) and business and sales management. He gained his main management experience at IRIS, one of Wallonia's flagship companies in the high-tech area, and certainly recognized as a real Walloon "success story". After deciding to refocus his career towards renewable energy, he has worked in solar thermal for several years. He originated the "Optimum™ Sizing" concept, a "revolutionary" technical sales approach, based on the technical aspects of the operation of a solar system designed around the drainback principle and allowing a price/product/performance positioning the competition find hard to match. By offering a greater number of collectors (and therefore a much larger amount of solar energy), all the participants are winners: the customer in the first place, the installer/dealer, the manufacturer, the political authorities and our planet. Bertrand Fontaine is Sunoptimo's CEO.

Jean-Baptiste Malaud, a civil engineer, has worked in solar technology since the beginning of his career. He has also worked in sizing and collective site monitoring, drafting technical instructions, as well as in the certification, design and production of new solar products: thermal collectors, mounting systems, integration kits, solar water heaters, hydraulic units… He is responsible for the development of the entire Sunoptimo solar range. The production of instructions and technical sales support media comes to him naturally. He contributes to the preliminary technical studies for major sites as well as the commissioning of these facilities. In addition to these technical tasks, he organizes transport, oversees the management of production and relationships with the various suppliers. Jean-Baptiste Malaud is Sunoptimo's technical, purchasing and logistics manager.

Jean-Yves Peugnieu begun working in solar in 1999. These many years of experience, including as an installer, have enabled him to diversify his knowledge through several aspects of the solar thermal field. So he is very familiar with this business and the various important elements that must be taken into account when marketing products intended for installers. His two graduate degrees in international trade and as a senior technician in thermal engineering and energy give him an ideal technical-sales profile to manage a network of installers and distributors. In direct contact with the network of installers in Belgium and France, he puts forward solar solutions suited to any type of specification and assists his partners in the defence of their proposals. He is as much at home meeting and convincing consultancies, as he is installers or distributors. Another aspect of his business is to assist installers with the implementation of their sites. Jean-Yves Peugnieu is Sunoptimo's sales manager.