Easy, quick and "accessible to anyone" mounting

1. Concrete foot to support the container and its metallic structures. Two pipes come from  the boiler room, and will be linked to the Opticube.

2. A truck crane lays the container down on the concrete. The pipes from the boiler room are linked to the container thanks to a trap door.

3. Mounting of the galvanized steel primary structures, every 2,5 m. The three first ones are put on the container, the others on individual structures.

4. The aluminium rails, specifically manufactured to support the collectors, are fixed to the primary structure.

5. Last stage: the collectors are put on the aluminium rails, linked together and connected to the primary circuit connections pre-mounted and waiting for the flow. The mounting of the collectors starts from the bottom.  The following collectors line simply above the first ones. Each collector is linked to the previous one, mechanically thanks to specific fixings, and hydraulically with Opticonnect,  allowing to absorb the dilation and the movement of each collector. Once the collectors are set, the pre-isolated piping directly links the collectors lines between them and further to the container.  The observed timing for the installation of the collectors and the linking is about five collectors per hour (with two persons working on it).  It means approximately 3 days for the total mounting of an Opticube 100:container, structures & rails, collectors and connections..



Installation of 9 collectors in less than 9 seconds ... :-)