Ready to heat boiler room - structures and solar pannels easy to setup

What's the Opticube?
The Opticube range is composed of complete kits from 30 m² to 300 m²  in one piece.  Those kits can be multiplied to become the ideal solution fot the solar thermal market from 30 to 3.000 m²
An Opticube kit is:
- A container including all the pre-mounted hydraulic part.
- A set of solar thermal collectors.
- A metallic structure which is quick to install, easy to mount and accessible to anybody. 
Everything is supplied; the guidebook has just to be followed and the solar installation, operated through a Drainback concept, can be ready for use in just a few days. All the solar thermal complexity has already been considered and integrated in this "ready to heat" kit.  The Sunoptimo know-how is centralized in a 20 feet container which has just to be linked to the collectors once it's mounted.