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Perfect for heavy heat consumers

The Opticube is a revolutionary concept in the solar thermal industry . Its quick and easy mounting can be made by anyone able to follow a handbook and to screw bolts, which makes it accessible to a high number of person, and moreover everywhere over the world.

This product is particularly designed for those who heavily consume hot water (hygienic or not). That criteria includes a lot of sectors as :

  • The industry sector (laundries, agro-foodstuff industries, chemical industries, cleaning services, etc.)
  • Breeding farms
  • Hotels
  • Collective housing (apartments buildings, hospitals, prisons, boarding schools, ...)
  • Collective kitchens
  • Sport clubs
  • Private or public pools
  • Holiday centers and Campings
  • ...

Wherever it is set up, the Opticube allows to reduce the use of fossil energies, and generate savings.

Here are some practicle examples*:

An hotel in Brazil

An hotel with 150 rooms consumes between 6500 and 7000 liters of hot water per day. With a 100 m² Opticube, this building will generate 80% of savings.

A factory in Spain

This factory uses 25m³ hot water per day and wants to take benefits of the sunning to produce its heat at low cost. Two 300m² Opticubes will produce 90% of its hot water need!

A sport complex in Italy

This Italian sport center consumes 315 MWh gas to heat the showers water. With a 250m² Opticube, this gas consumption will be reduced by nearly 70%! As a result, the MWh price will be fixed at 9€ (after grantings).

Agro-food industry in France

This agro-food industry in the North of France has an annual 2000 MWh consumption that is dedicated to heat production. A 1200 m² installation (4 Opticube 300) will cut the MWh price, generating savings by 1 million euro on a 20-years period.

*Those examples are the results of Optimum Sizing simulation

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